Painting with a twist

I wanted to share with everyone an experience I had that was unique and a lot of fun! I know many people have heard of places where an instructor teaches a large group how to paint. There are also places where large groups convene to taste test wine. This place combines both of those aspects and produces a great time. Painting with a twist is located in Haddonfield on Kings Highway, you can check out their website for other locations.

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Blueberry Hill and Trippy Trees

Although it has been very cold outside these past few weeks it is expected to warm up soon enough. After all, it is March. With Spring creeping around the corner now is the time to go back outside and exercise. I visited a nice trail known as Blueberry Hill.

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Review of my Blog!

So I started out this blog mainly for my online journalism class but as time progressed I began to actually like blogging. I enjoyed going out, getting stories from unique places and then writing about the places and adding life to my posts by putting up photos, videos and interviews. I am going to continue writing in this blog. I want my readers to know that I will still be attending unique places in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Most of my posts are places I have never been to and wanted to check out. Along with my readers sharing the experience with me I also brought along friends and family. My very first event, Winetastic, was an awesome experience. If you have never been to a wine festival and you love wine, I would suggest going out and finding one in your area !

Another post that was really interesting was, Prison Museum. I had no idea there was a such thing as a Prison Museum in New Jersey, but there sure enough is and the place is located in Burlington County. The area is beautiful.

I had a few adventures that went awry such as The Apple Pie Hill Fail, but the experience, just being with people you care about-made it totally worth it.

I met some interesting people along the way, as well. At BSIDE-Hookah Bar, I met the owner who is only 26! He has accomplished so much in his life already and it was great interviewing someone like that.

I also want to point out that Breweries are a really great place to go if you want to get a glimpse how they operate as well drink some awesome beer. At the Flying Fish Brewery, there was also a brewery dog, which was really adorable.

Basically, I never want to hear someone say, “New Jersey is boring-there’s nothing to do”. The reality is, there are plenty of things to do; some are a drive away but the bonding experience you get on that drive with whoever your taking is great and definitely something worth doing !